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    A car wash doesn’t require a lot of maintenance time, and everything else is done by customers. In addition to being self-service, we at Kroma, thanks to our experience from the European market, bring best practices to all our partners in terms of full support, the highest quality and longest-lasting products. Realize your vision and start a profitable business.

    We offer a complete service:




    follow-ups and performance consulting


    car wash installation


    education for work


    maintenance and servicing of existing car washes


    supplying the owners with all the spare parts and cleaning agents

    Every job needs to be done in the best possible way. By approaching every client individually, we always make sure that every project is completed well in regard to quality. Our motto is “Business is all about vision”.

    Advantages of the Kroma System



    We practice individual approach to each client, in line with his wishes and needs.



    Servicing is available at every stage of your business. Cleaning products and spare parts for your disposal.



    More than 11 years of experience and over 100 successful projects ensure a high quality of service.


    Self-serving systems from Polish manufacturer BKF satisfy the highest quality standards and ensure the highest quality washing services, no matter the weather.


    BITIMEC is an Italian company specializing in the production of single brush washing systems for washing trucks and buses. In addition to the Italian market, BITIMEC exports its products to more than 30 countries around the world.


    Ceccato SpA is one of the leading Italian manufacturers of equipment for washing various types of vehicles, from cars and trucks to trains.


    FWA made in Germany stainless steel truck portals are ideal machines for service washing various types of commercial vehicles or washing private fleets for companies with many commercial vehicles.


    High-pressure washers, industrial vacuum cleaners and hand power sweepers – that is the world of Kränzle! Founded in 1974, the Kränzle enterprise has developed into a worldwide quality leader of high-pressure cleaners.


    Professional chemicals for all types of self-service and automatic car washes. Micropowder with the best price-quality ratio on the market, active foam, liquid car wash shampoo, prewash, wax, gloss and drying chemicals.

    Kroma d.o.o. offers full-service solutions to investors in the car washing industry. From the smallest high-pressure washers, washing chemicals and spare parts to large plants such as self-service and automatic car washers, including installation and maintenance services. That is why we are unique on the Croatian market. Our satisfied customers, many of whom we call friends, speak best about us!

    – Luka Krmpotić
    Sales manager, Kroma d.o.o.

    A satisfied investor is our mission. Our high-quality, low-maintenance equipment is key in helping us complete this mission. A satisfied end user is our utmost goal. This depends on the quality of washing services that our equipment offers.

    – Nikola Brkljačić
    Sales manager, Kroma d.o.o.