Dobanovci – Serbia

Feb 16, 2023

  • Kroma Grupa’s new project is finished! We are honored to be part of this project and thank Nelt Group for the trust shown!

  • Portal FWA Berlin – Made in Germany

    – Completely made of stainless steel

    – Siemens electric motors

    – Touch screen selection of program and type of vehicle

    – Spinner rotating head for washing the side parts of the vehicle with high pressure

    – Pre-wash, shampoo and wax at the portal

    – Manual washing of inaccessible places with active foam and high-pressure washing along the entire length of the hall on both sides

5. Dobanovci 3 Dobanovci - Serbia
5. Dobanovci 2 Dobanovci - Serbia
5. Dobanovci 4 1 Dobanovci - Serbia
5. Dobanovci 1 Dobanovci - Serbia