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Ceccato Gantry

Automated train washing plant. High quality washing and ease of installation and handling.

The best solution for washing city and suburban trains or short train compositions.

The number and configuration of the brushes depends on the type of train being washed. Possible combination of brush high pressure washing for the highest washing quality.

Gantry can be programmed to wash a different size vehicle with a different wash package to achieve maximum efficiency and speed.

Given the complexity and numerous possibilities of individualization of equipment, it is necessary to hold a meeting before finalizing the offer.


The sides of the train


Front and rear of the train


Arch applicators for chemicals, water and drying


specijalne namjene za vlakove ceccato drive through Strojevi za pranje - Posebne namjene

Ceccato Drive-Through

Fully individualized train wash system configured to user needs.

For locations with a higher washing frequency. Designed for surface trains, subways, trams and rail vehicles in general.

Configured as a series of modular stations intended for washing following areas:


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Tammermatic Rainbow Ultima

Top quality workmanship, and the highest quality components built into Tammermatic portals guarantee longevity and very little need for service interventions even with machines that are constantly working at maximum capacity.

The Rainbow Ultima Fleet Washer commercial vehicle washing portal is one of the most advanced on the market. It is intended for locations with the highest washing capacity for demanding washing of vehicles of unconventional shapes such as garbage trucks or dump trucks. The top models combine advanced high pressure brushless and brush wash methods and ensure superior washing results in vehicles of all shapes.

The system is equipped with pre wash programme which is performed by stationary and oscillating high-pressure nozzles that follow the contours of the vehicle. Oscillating nozzles are especially important for washing vehicles of unconventional shape such as cisterns, tractors or garbage trucks. If only standard trucks and buses will be monitored on the site, the portal can be equipped only with stationary nozzles.

High pressure washing is especially important for removing sand and other coarse particles that can potentially damage the vehicle body during brush washing. The nozzles can be configured by size, so that wider jet nozzles are recommended for standard-shaped vehicles, while narrow-jet nozzles are recommended for vehicles of unconventional shapes.


automatska autopraonica cisterne smetlarski kamioni bitimec speedy wash mod tank EZ Strojevi za pranje - Posebne namjene

Speedy Wash TANK EZ

Device designed for demanding cleaning of irregularly shaped vehicles such as cisterns.

The large diameter brush (1600 mm) is ideal for washing cisterns and other vehicles of unusual dimensions such as garbage trucks, milk trucks, dump trucks, combines, etc.

The EZ Drive system for fast and efficient operation.