Support to your business

We believe that every job needs to be done in the best possible way. By approaching every client individually, we always make sure that every project is completed well in regard to the required high quality.

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Installation of car wash equipment

We provide installation services for all types of car wash systems. With more than 7 years of experience and several hundred completed projects, our highly specialized technicians are ready to respond to any challenge and professionally and quickly complete the installation of each washing equipment.

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Installation of industrial equipment

In addition to the installation of all types of washing equipment, we also provide installation services for various industrial equipment such as central vacuum systems, water treatment and recycling systems.

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Service and maintenance


In addition to the service and maintenance of washing equipment as part of projects that we have implemented ourselves, we also service all types of washing equipment from other manufacturers. If you need maintenance assistance or if you encounter an unsolvable problem, contact us. We can help!

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Consultancy services


As part of our projects, throughout the process of installing and opening a car wash, we support and provide advice to our customers. From site selection and design consulting to equipment training.

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Production services


Kroma d.o.o. supplies various types of constructions for self-service car washes, canopies for vacuum cleaners, technical rooms for self-service and automatic washes, etc. We also supply various stainless steel components for washing systems..

Installation of car wash equipment

Kroma d.o.o. provides installation services for all types of car wash systems. We install self-service systems, automatic systems for washing personal vehicles (portals and tunnels), automatic systems for washing trucks and buses, systems for special purposes such as washing trains or trams, tank washing systems, etc.

Our technicians are divided into several teams, each of them with its own leader. Each team is equipped with a service vehicle and all the necessary tools to perform the most demanding installations; beside that, our assembly managers have more than 7 years of experience and several hundred completed projects.

All of our technicians are professional and trained and have all the necessary permits and certificates to perform the most demanding installations in the car wash industry.

In addition to the technicians, we also have an experienced administrative team that provides support in the organizational and logistical part of the installation.

We provide washing system installation services throughout Europe, and are mostly present in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, as well as in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Contact us with confidence, send us an inquiry or request an installation quote.


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Zadar, RH – projekt, self service

Zlatar, RH – projekt, self service

Installation of industrial equipment

Through hundreds of completed installations of various washing systems, our technicians have acquired the knowledge and skills with which they are ready to respond to other challenges posed by the installation of various industrial equipment.

For our customers we have installed central suction systems, various conveyor belts, water treatment and recycling systems, solar systems, plastic coating systems and the like.

Contact us with confidence, send us an inquiry or request an installation quote for your equipment.

HELLO CARWASH Rotterdam img 9 Support to your business
HELLO CARWASH Rotterdam img 8 Support to your business

Service and maintenance

Kroma d.o.o. provides maintenance and repair services for its own projects in the Republic of Croatia. Whether it is regular maintenance or repair service, our employees are ready to intervene quickly and professionally.

Also, with our companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we maintain and service various washing equipment throughout the Balkans.

We also offer fast and efficient dismantling services including disassembly of old washing plants.

We have a stock of specialized spare parts for various washing equipment and cooperate with leading suppliers of spare parts such as R+M de Wit GmbH and MTM Hydro.

Contact us with confidence and request a quote for service or spare parts.

Consultancy services

The construction and opening of a self-service or automatic car wash includes several phases such as site selection, creating project documentation, equipment configuration and construction design, obtaining the necessary permits, construction work, equipment installation and commissioning.

To investors who decide to cooperate with us, we offer support and consulting services at every phase of their projects. From site selection consulting and calculating profitability of the investment through coordination with the designers and the contractor to the installation of equipment and construction.

The Kroma team is at your disposal for all your questions in order to find a solution that best suits the individual location and car wash requirements.

Production services

Kroma d.o.o. provides production services of various elements related to car washes, fully personalized and tailored to the customers’ wishes. We supply various types of constructions for self-service car washes. We can offer you one of our 5 standard construction designs or a completely personalized construction, tailored to your wishes.

In addition to constructions, we also manufacture and install various technical rooms for self-service and automatic car washes. Adapt the technical room to your location and make full use of the potential of the space at your disposal, making it easier to service and maintain the equipment. We also manufacture many kinds of canopies for vacuum cleaners (self-service vacuum cleaners or for central vacuum systems), halls for automatic car washes, etc.

We are able to supply smaller series of specialized stainless steel elements for different washing systems.

Samoposlužna autopraona bkf varazdin siroki kut Support to your business
Samoposlužna autopraona bkf pregrada vanjsko mjesto dan
Samoposlužna autopraona bkf josipovac vanjsko mjesto

Additional offer


We have a stock of specialized spare parts for various washing systems and cooperate with leading suppliers of spare parts such as R+M de Wit GmbH and MTM Hydro.


Professional chemicals for all types of self-service and automatic car washes. Micropowder with the best price-quality ratio on the market, active foam, shampoo, prewash, wax, gloss and drying, as well as spare parts and accessories for all types of car washes.


High-pressure washers, industrial vacuum cleaners and hand power sweepers – that is the world of Kränzle! Founded in 1974, the Kränzle enterprise has developed into a worldwide quality leader of high-pressure cleaners.